April Y. Haldy

Speaker, Actress & Musician


A Little About April

April Haldy was born in Portland Oregon. She married her high school sweetheart & is the proud mother of two amazing daughters & 2 hilarious boxers.
April is the CEO of her own corporation, top leader in her direct sales company, real estate investor, an aspiring actress & musician. As well as being a Certified John Maxwell speaker & coach.
April has a strong passion in life to empower people to step into their God sized shoes. For them to live life with purpose & believe in achieving their dreams. All the while shes chasing after her own.
She loves to laugh, isn't afraid to hold you accountable, and thrives on speaking truth. Her aggressive approach may have you finding yourself saying, "I didn't want to hear that, but it's exactly what I needed to hear"
She is vigorously taking voice & piano lessons weekly, as well as honing in on her acting craft. She believes in holding to her word, showing up on time & keeping in a positive mindset know matter what. Truly she's a breath of fresh air.


The Time is Now

How Can April Help You

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Film & Modeling

Hire April for your next project

November 2018 April made a decision to go for her childhood dreams of being an entertainer. Acting & singing has been apart of her world since.... forever.

Shes's spent so much time encouraging everyone else to go for their dreams, all the while putting hers aside.

She would love the opportunity to audition for your upcoming shoot. Shes very coachable, taking classes continually & willing to travel. 

Experience goes as follows:

  • Speaking role on a popular HGTV show

  • Non-Speaking on a new HGTV Show

  • Speaking on P.H.T.V commercial as a Teacher role 

  • Confused & upset crowd member on Flip Turn

  • Confused church member on FireBones

  • Speaking Role on Nike Commercial God Knows as mean teacher

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Speaking Engagements

Empower, Inspire, & Kick Excuses

In 2014 April hit the bottom of the bottom in life. In that time she was faced with a situation that would test her to the limits, make her uncomfortable & ultimately put her in the spot of an inspiring story.
In 2014 April came to the point of realizing; Your Current situations do not define your future, YOU DO!
That subject is her absolute favorite thing to speak on.

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Every Great Success has a Great Coach

The person we lie to the most in life, ourselves! Its just a fact. Haven't you noticed something sounds great in your head, then you start telling someone else, and you're like...ohhhhh, yea that doesn't sound right!
April has a unique way of opening up your mind to new outlooks,conquering obstacles, & gaining the confidence needed to make your dreams a reality.


Join April's Team

Today is the first day of the rest of your life

Ready to join April & create your own success? She's always looking for people who are:
~Ready to change their future
~Committed to the process
~Positive & willing to do what it takes
~Wanting to help others
Please fill out the contact form below & April or her assistant will be in touch within 24 hours!



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