Coaching With April

April does virtual coaching, this means 30 minute appointments via the phone. April believes that forming new habits is critical to your success, so she always starts her clients off aggressively then slowly weans them. Her ultimate goal is to form habits so strong that her clients feel comfortable continuing on with out her.
April doesn't believe in singular coaching in 1 aspect of your life. Your career, family, marriage, it all makes up you, her objective is to help you and she understand that every piece effects the other pieces.
April believes every person has a burning fire inside just waiting to be released. Its just been simmered down over time, and once you work with her on uncovering your true potential, you'll attack life ferociously accomplishing all you set out for.


My life has changed for the better. April really helped me with time management & I have come so far, its amazing! April has really helped me with goal setting & leadership training. I never really dug deep into what I needed to do to have people follow me & its now really reflected onto my team. April I appreciate everything you do!


I have learned in the power of positive thinking. Being in control of myself, my thoughts & my feelings. I've learned how to specify my goals & to make action plans and achieve them.


What will your coaching story be....

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Dallas, TX, USA

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